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Exclusive Sunrise ad.jpg

Take a Deep Breath ... 

Exclusive, Small Adult Boutique
Beachfront Accommodation
for Couples and Singles
in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

The Frangipani, from your kayak
Sunset lookout to "Bali Hai" (Ambae)
Frangipani King Beachfront Cabana
ready for play!
Boating from here on the beach!
Take your time ...
neighbors at the reef here
Doors into Tropical Guest House
unwind ...
Colors, Sunrise Island - SBC
Here at the Reef
Enjoying Views of Frangipani SBC
The Tiare Beach Cabana
Snorkeling... Here from the beac...
Refreshing Welcome
Frangipani Lighting the Beach at Nig
Sunrise Island in Espiritu Santo
Lets go!   - SBC
Espiritu Santo, island paradise
Sights & Sounds of Relaxation
Here at the reef!
Here at the reef , deep blue
The Tiare Private Beach Cabana
enjoy the magic
Frangipani beach cabana, from kayak
The Hibiscus Private Beach Cabana
Easter morning sunrise glory - SBC
Golden Morning here
welcome outlooks
Stand-up Paddleboard fun
The Hibiscus Private Beach Cabana
special time with friends
Full moon watching here at the beach
reef friends here at SBC
The Hibiscus Private Beach Cabana
Cabana Bath Amenities
Sunrise Private Island
water fountain welcome
Welcome to the Restaurant & Guest Hs
For the girls
Sunrise Island - Easter morning 2014
Frangipani King Bedroom
The Frangipani Bathroom Amenities
the Reaching Tree - SBC
Inside The Frangipani
Romantic Dinners, moonlight, firelig
Amazing Cultural Experiences
Tropical Splendors
Full moon beauty
Right here at the beach/reef
Morning Glory
Enjoy the Reef!
The Frangipani King Beach Cabana
Tropical Splendors
The Frangipani at Sunset
Sunrise Private Island
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