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We are proud to work with Timmy Rovu and Santo Heritage Tours for our staff transport and excellent knowledge of the local areas on the island of Espiritu Santo!


There is a real value to having experienced, local drivers to show you the sights and to help you learn more about the native environment and culture of the place.  


Visit their website to learn more about the amazing scenic places and the natural, cultural adventures you may wish to experience on beautiful Espiritu Santo!


Island Activities and Scenic Adventures


The island of Espiritu Santo is becoming more and more known as one of the most beautiful

and diverse holiday and natural eco-Adventure destinations in the world.  

We are pleased to be ideally and centrally located on the amazing East (Champagne) Coast of the island, just minutes from the world-class Blue Holes of Espiritu Santo and on the most lovely sheltered beachfront known as Barrier Beach.


Being situated on such a beautiful beach with living coral reefs right here at "home"...  And there's the rest of this incredibly beautiful island to explore and enjoy!!

Besides world-class diving, there is such an abundance of natural scenic beauty and rich, authentic cultural tradition, that it will be hard to decide where you want to start!


Friendly local tour guides are happy to take you to any of the magical places on this very large island, and even to visit and explore some of their own "secret" special spots, for partial and/or full-day excursions.  



From fabulous horse rides through tropical paradise, to visits inside authentic cultural villages, there are crystal rivers, blue holes, colorful living reefs, pristine beaches, rock climbing and cave expeditions, day and night dives and more. 
Here are some of our friends, small local tour providers you may like to experience adventures with:
Wrecks to Rainforest

One of the longest time resident tour-operators in Vanuatu, Mayumi Green offers a wide variety of authentic culturally rich experiences amongst the indigenous people and places of this colorful island country.


Where else in the world would you be able to find such exquisite scenic beauty, such well-trained, friendly and responsive horses, and a trail guide so attentive, caring and fun!  


Beginners, experienced riders, all will enjoy!  If you are living here on  Espiritu Santo, this is surely an experience not to be missed!  

Diving and Boating      Adventures

World-class diving, including coral reefs, the Coolidge, Million Dollar Point and more... 

We're happy to help you with information and/or references to the local fishing, boating and dive operators  who you will get to know, as your local neighbors here.

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