The Accommodation

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Centrally located and nestled right on the most scenic and sheltered beach frontage, with crystal blue waters, colorful living coral reefs...

Award-winning Architecture, the Sunrise Beach Cabanas are authentic Island-Style designs, beautifully hand-crafted and finished using natural, sustainably grown Pacific timbers and glowing tropical hardwoods..


With only three private Beach Cabanas and the Tropical Guest Cabana,

you can be assured a personalized level of quiet privacy

and island-style caring attention, to enjoy during your stay.

"Privacy and tranquility

         merge with

   attentive, caring service

   at this full-service, adult

    boutique beach resort."

An intimate and tranquil island setting, for adult visitors to relax, unwind and enjoy the abundant gifts of nature that abound here at this romantic beach resort, set in a stunning location for your beautiful, restful and culturally rich holiday adventure retreat.

Welcome to the Dining Terrace
Welcome to the Tropical Guest House
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Relax, restore, enjoy!
Ready for Play ... in the blue sea
Happy Day at the Beach
Lovely colors ~
Enjoy, time for Romance ~
Miracle Tree
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Another golden Sunrise
Lets go!
Activities - snorkel, kayak, SUP
Frangipani Beach Cabana
Frangipani Beach Cabana, evening
Sunrise Island, Espiritu Santo
Special times with a friend ...
Morning departure, on the water
Golden morning, new beginnings

Your Comfort --

Built like a fine yacht, entering into the private Beach Cabanas is like stepping inside a woodcrafter's work of art, with exquisite handwork finishing, to surround you with care, in every detail.  They are specially designed for the tropics, using natural Pacific materials with an attentive focus on sustainable living practices and furniture-quality beauty and comfort throughout.

With plenty of large glass picture windows, open-beam ceilings and roof-top cupolas for added air flow and light, they are fully screened and include soft and supportive pillow-top beds, delightful linens and comfortable, contemporary Pacific island furnishings.  

Guests enjoy a full array of comforts and inclusions, such as free wifi internet inside the rooms and across the entire beach resort.  Flat-screen TVs with complimentary movie selections, iPod / iPhone audio charging player-docks for your convenience and music listening pleasure ... and more.







Poulet w Chablis.jpg

Dining --

You have several dining options here at the Resort, including our central Restaurant and Dining Terrace  with Chefs'  specials and full service international menu selections of fresh, organic, local    foods - Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners.  


Guests enjoy a full array of cuisine and beverage selections, including Cocktails, Beers and imported Wines.  

Beach Bar PB.jpg

Each  morning, a tropical island breakfast buffet is laid out for you, including freshly baked breads and muffins from our own resort kitchen, local Vanuatu-grown organic coffee (from Aore and Tanna islands), a seasonal variety of local island fruits and more... with additional a la carte menu options to choose from, made to your order by our Chefs.  

The Chefs are here daily to provide delicious lunches by the sea and fine dinners by fire-torch and candle-light.  

Cocktails, More Dining Options --

Relax and sip cocktails on the beach, any time you like.  

In the center of the Resort is our Starlight Beach Bar, serving all day and Happy Hour cocktails from 5-6 pm.​


And ... on your special nights, personal-service beach-front dinners by candle and torch-light are also lovely,

by the waters' edge and under the stars.

Starlight Bar 2 - Copy.jpg

Your Accommodation --

   Choose your own Private, fully-furnished Island Beach Cabana -


Private Queen Beach Cabana: (The Hibiscus, The Tiare) 

with in-room stocked minibar-fridge and organic coffee/tea service. 


Panoramic King Beach Cabana: (The Frangipani)

elevated up above the beachfront, wrapped with open balconies

for a sweeping panoramic view of the sea and surrounding islands.

A bit larger room layout, including an additional private kitchen.


We have also newly opened our 12-sided Tropical Guest House withspacious Central Lounge and including four lovely Guest Rooms, each with its own Ensuite bathroom and having both direct

access opening into the central Lounge/Living area and each with its own private entrance /pathway onto the sandy beach.   

Added Touches -- All of our Beach Cabanas and Guest Rooms are fully screened, with spa-luxury eco-amenities, lush towels and linens, beach mats, floor and ceiling fans, free use of our snorkel gear, SUP's and ocean kayaks for your enjoyment and ... more.  

Complimentary Airport Shuttle service is included 

with your stay, and we have Free Parking onsite.  


Our friendly and knowledgeable local staff are on hand 24/7

to help you make the most of the scenic opportunities of the

Espiritu Santo areas, for your own desired blend of comfort,

privacy, relaxation and adventure in this authentic and

pristine scenic island locale of Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

Starlight Bar - Copy.jpg

The Private Beach Cabanas:

Relaxing inside The Tiare

The Tiare 

Private Queen

Beach Cabana

The Tiare is a charming, private, tropical
beach cottage  with lovely open-beam ceilings, 
beautiful, furniture-grade woodworking inside
and out, contemporary  natural tropical
furnishings, lovely amenities and elegant t
ouches, throughout.
Location: On the beach ...
                      with ocean and island view..
- 'Deep Comfort' Queen bed
               by Royal Orthopedic Mattresses
- Indoor  & outdoor private sitting/dining areas
- In-room organic coffee and fine tea service
- Complimentary, organic breakfast
- Room Service dining
- Large glass picture windows, fully screened
- Complimentary Wi-fi internet
- Flatscreen TV with complimentary movie selections
- Stocked Mini-bar fridge 
iPod/iPhone audio/charge dock                       - Spa-luxury personal eco-amenities 
- Soft, luxury designer towels and linens            - Snorkel gear, kayaks, SUPs, hammocks, more ... 

The Hibiscus


Private Queen

Beach Cabana

The Hibiscus Private Queen Cabana
Welcome to The Hibiscus
Out your front doorstep ...
Rooftop Cupola in Cabanas
Shower and Path, The Hibiscus
Ensuite Bathroom Interior
"Waterfall" shower door
on tap ...
Ensuite Bathroom Interior
The Hibiscus Private Queen Cabana
The Hibiscus, by the Sea
Outdoor Shower at The Hibiscus
Private Dining Terrace, The Hibiscus
Inside The Hibiscus
Comfortable sitting area
a place for dreaming ...
a place to Relax ...
a place to enjoy ...
The Hibiscus, private Dining Terrace
the doorstep ... The Hibiscus
the morning view...
Another charming, private, tropical
beach cottage, The Hibiscus features
lovely hand-crafted woodworking inside and out,
with open-beam ceilings, beautiful contemporary
natural tropical furnishings, personal amenities
and elegant touches, throughout.
Location:  On the sandy beach, The Hibiscus is
closer to the water's edge and includes a more
panoramic beach vista through the large glass
windows, looking across the ocean and island

The Frangipani Panoramic King

Beach Cabana

C1 Frangipani View.jpg
 Enjoy a step up into this elegant, private  beachfront Cabana, surrounding yourself with  breathtaking ocean and island views...
Immerse yourself in a fragrant ambiance of beautiful, furniture-grade woodworking, natural Pacific island furnishings, spectacular views, lovely amenities and thoughtful features.    
1 Views from The Frangipani by Patrick D

The Tropical Guest Cabana:

Inside the new 12-Sided Tropical Guest Cabana are four Guest Bedrooms with Ensuite private bathrooms, each bedroom opening into the central Lounge/Living area and each with its own private entrance with pathway onto the beach.  



Guest Rooms

with Ensuite Bathrooms

Compared with the three private Beach Cabanas, these are more petite Guest Accommodations with all the same beauty and attention to detail as in the separate Beach Cabanas... adding more traveler options to the beach resort.

  • For couples and/or adult singles  

  • For small groups who wish to travel together:

    • Weddings

    • Yoga, Dance, Health Retreats

    • Workshops and Classes

    • Special Occasions and Events


Private Entrance to Beach
Foyer Entrance to Tropical Guest Hou
Ensuite Bedroom, Queen
Water Fountain Entrance
Tropical Guest House by the Sea
Entrance to Guest House & Dining Ter
Ensuite Guest Room
Ensuite Guest Room
Guest House Foyer
Library & Lounge
Living Area - Lounge
Dance Floor, Meeting Room
Ensuite opens to Central Living
12-Sided Tropical Guest Lounge
Central Lounge Area
Bathroom Amenities
Ensuite - Shower
Spa-Luxury Eco-Amenities
Flat-Screen TV with Movies
Your private entrance to the Beach
Outdoor Sitting Areas at Ensuite
Paths to Beach and Dining Terrace
Outdoor Sitting Areas for Guest Rms
The Miracle Tree, at beach
Sunrise Private Island, at beach
Paddle boards in your front yard
Undersea world in your front yard
Sunrise here at the beach
Places to relax and chill
Barrier Beach, our front yard
Another moment here at the beach


Charming, private Bedrooms with Ensuite Bathroom

               in our new 12-sided Tropical Guest Cabana -  

Beautiful, furniture-grade woodworking, natural island furnishings, lovely amenities and elegant touches, throughout,


Includes our Tropical Island Breakfast Buffet each morning and complimentary Airport Shuttle Service. 

Tropical Guest Cabana Library-Lounge.jpg

​The spacious central Lounge area

is equipped with AV System,

a large flatscreen display,

hardwood dance floor, 

perfect for special events, such as

  • Weddings

  • Small group Workshops

  • Yoga, Health Retreats 

  • Receptions

  • Celebrations 


Massage PB.jpg
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