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Before settling here in Vanuatu, we were 20+ years in the Hawaiian islands, where in 1989 we had conceived and then developed an Award-Winning green building system, specially engineered for tropical climates and conditions… and we have individually provided nearly 500 different custom-designed homes for our Hawaii clients over the years.

Then in 2008, after raising our family, the two of us relocated to this very beautiful island country of Vanuatu.   


In our "retirement" years here, swimming, snorkeling, being surrounded by friendly local people and the stunning gifts of Nature, we began to enjoy our Espiritu Santo lifestyle so much, to overflowing -- and we decided we had to share!

In this exceptionally beautiful setting, our beachfront home property - with the lovely private island and precious coral reefs - we decided to expand our plans, so as to design and build for visitors to come, experience and share in so much of what we enjoy most.

Michael and Clare Joslin
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For those who might like to know more about the source, design and construction of our marine-grade, cyclone resistant, tropical Beach Cabanas,

          you can learn about our Hawaii-based building design system that we originated in 1989,  by visiting our website at www.mfhomes.net 

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So we've brought together the best of what we've gained from our travels and our life experience in the Hawaiian islands, plus our environmental knowledge and care - in providing our authentic Pacific island-style buildings and furnishings here at this new island resort.

In harmony with the naturally occurring landscape, we have carefully designed every aspect, and (with our all-NiVanuatu local craftsmen and hospitality staff) have focused our attentive daily care into the creation and offerings of this small luxury beach resort - for the comfort and enjoyment of our guests. 

We hope you'll enjoy our heartfelt island-style hospitality while you relax and unwind in lovely and quiet privacy, amidst glorious views, lush tropical surroundings and enjoying your own unique and unforgettable adventures in this amazing island setting, here on beautiful Espiritu Santo!

We are your hosts, and we've created this

       luxury, eco-friendly, boutique beach resort

                                                for your enjoyment.  

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Please let us know how we can assist you with questions for planning your perfect holiday, here in beautiful Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu:

Sunrise Beach Cabanas Resort   
Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu

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