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Giving and Sharing -Q & A
Coming here from all parts of the world, some of our guests have asked us about local customs and how they can give or contribute in a meaningful way,
Here are some answers and information you may find interesting:

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Some of our Guests have asked us how they can give or contribute here in a meaningful way, and we have two options:


  1. If our Guests would like to leave something in appreciation for the Resort Staff, we gratefully put them together, shared equally to help their families in their homes and villages.  We keep a special  box inside our Reception Office for sharing to our Staff Families.

  2. ​We support the Santo Bush Mission projects, where volunteers go into the deep bush village areas, several days’ trek by foot only – where help from outside can seldom reach - working to provide those remote area residents with clothing, water, first aid and medical clinics, schools, books, churches and more.    


Donations of school supplies, childrens' reading books, etc. are much appreciated, as there is a lack of government funded education in Vanuatu for the children, and so families must work in order to pay the costs of sending their young ones to schools. 


If you are interested in having more information about these humanitarian projects, please let us know!

In Vanuatu, it is  not the custom for anyone to expect to receive tips for their services. 


You will find the local people to be very friendly and naturally kind and helpful, to locals and visitors alike. 



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