Sunrise Private Island


Lying serenely, out in front of the Beach Cabanas...  in its pristine and natural beauty, Sunrise Private Island is a magical part of our eco-resort property.


An easy, short walk (at low tide) or wade (any time) ...    

You can feel free to venture across - on foot, or (around the reef) by kayak - and to enjoy some special, quiet time with the diverse local trees and 360-degree views of the lovely bay.  


Bring your (resort-provided) beach-picnic mat and ask our resort kitchen to pack you a nice lunch, or come out at Sunrise or Moonrise, to enjoy the heavenly views from a special place of peaceful privacy. 


The Vanuatu Department of Forestry has helped us to identify all of the island's trees and they have provided us with information about them - some are very old! - and about their health and care.  


We are also gathering more information from the Native people, to help our guests in discovering not just their botanical names, but also to learn interesting cultural aspects of how these trees have been and are used traditionally by the Ni-Vanuatu -- what are their gifts and how do they support indigenous life, with their unique contributions to food, shelter, medicine, amenities (baskets, mats) and what are some of the traditional custom Stories about some of these trees and plants.


In time, we will have a Nature Trail around the island, sharing these interesting findings for guests to discover while strolling under the trees and enjoying their shade and natural beauty.  

Watch for native birds and wildlife, and keep an eye out for falling Coconuts!  






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