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Maltinerava - Sunrise Private Island
~  Nature Preserve  ~

      Resort Guests: 

After the past two years of lockdowns, the coral reefs are just starting to recover, with lots of new growth, baby corals emerging for sustenance of the grazing sea turtles, dugongs and restoration of the reef fish populations. 

In honor of the very delicate balance of marine life:  the native fish and coral reefs, and the Chief-designated Marine Sanctuary here, Resort Guests are requested and encouraged to avoid bringing toxic chemical products into the shallow waters here, such as any commercial Sunscreen Products that have not been designated as Reef-safe.    Thank you for your thoughtful care in packing and planning for your tropical island holiday.

Watch for native birds and aquatic wildlife, and enjoy your stay in this beautiful, scenic locale!


Lying serenly, out in front of the Beach Cabanas ... is Maltinerava - Sunrise Private Islanda designated Conservation area for Marine life, featuring:

  • a large variety of indigenous Plants and Trees

  • a home to the living, populated Coral Reefs,

  • Coastal Birds including herons, kingfishers, and

  • protected colonies of local Honeybees who help to pollinate the flowers, fruits and agriculture of the surrounding coastal areas.


Government Botanists from the Vanuatu Department of Forestry have helped to identify the island's native trees and have provided information about their care - some are very old!


The small, private island is owned and managed (under native leasehold ownership) by the original developers of the Sunrise Beach Cabanas Eco-Resort, Michael and Clare Joslin, and is also their private residence.                 



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