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Water fountain at dining entrance
Welcome to the 12-sided Guest House!
Liliane in the resort kitchen
Open-air dining by the sea

The Nabanga
Tropical Guest House

Lounge & Resort Dining 

Our 12-Sided Nabanga Tropical Guest House includes the Resort Restaurant with lovely Natora open-air Dining Terrace, featuring full menus -- Breakfast, Lunches and Dinners...  and a comfortable indoor Lounge area for our guests' enjoyment.

Restaurant and Dining Room 
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner... plenty of selections.
We are proud to feature full Chef-prepared menus of fresh locally grown foods, organic Santo beef, freshly-caught fish, a variety of curries and many other favorites and special dishes.  
In addition to the array of foods on our menus, our Chefs are happy to cater for all kinds of special request diets, including Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Vegan, Pescatarian, or... you name it.  
A tropical island breakfast buffet is included for you each morning, with more a la carte menu items to choose from, freshly prepared to your order by our Chefs.

Guests have a full array of dining and beverage selections, including coffees, cocktails, beers and international wines ... all served with an authentic island smile. 

Beach Bar PB.jpg


The Starlight


Beach Bar 



One of our new additions here, is the Starlight Beach Bar, where guests relax and refresh by the sea, and can order drinks to enjoy down on the beach, any time.  Happy Hour is from 5-6 pm nightly.  Cheers! 


Starlight Bar - Copy.jpg
Starlight Bar 2 - Copy.jpg
2018-04-28 15.06.54-1.jpg
a bar drinks CEC_9866.jpg

Lounge / Meeting / Event Room


The central Lounge area is beautifully hand-crafted of sustainably grown natural timbers -- A comfortable place for guests to enjoy, relaxing on the sofa with a good book, checking email, visiting with friends ... 


It is equipped with a large flatscreen display and sound system - plus, a beautiful hardwood dance floor -  perfect for special events, such as weddings, small group workshops, retreats and celebrations.

Tropical Guest Cabana Library-Lounge.jpg

More Gallery Views, Restaurant Dining
and The Nabanga Tropical Guest House

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