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Our International Award-winning Beach Resort
will soon be offering exclusive Holiday packages
for your next island getaway!

Come and experience the luxury 
of a tropical island lifestyle --
scenic and cultural adventures,
here in the exquisite, beachfront area of
Barrier Beach, in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
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Welcome to the Dining Terrace
Welcome to the Tropical Guest House
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Relax, restore, enjoy!
Ready for Play ... in the blue sea
Happy Day at the Beach
Lovely colors ~
Enjoy, time for Romance ~
Miracle Tree
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Another golden Sunrise
Lets go!
Activities - snorkel, kayak, SUP
Frangipani Beach Cabana
Frangipani Beach Cabana, evening
Sunrise Island, Espiritu Santo
Special times with a friend ...
Morning departure, on the water
Golden morning, new beginnings
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An intimate and tranquil island setting,

a very special place to stay and relax,

enjoying the abundant gifts of nature

that abound here at this stunning

and romantic beach location.

 The Accommodation

Photo Credit:  Anders McDonald

Centrally located and nestled right on the most scenic and sheltered beach frontage, with crystal blue waters, colorful living coral reefs...

Award-winning Architecture, the Sunrise Beach Cabanas are authentic  Island-Style designs, beautifully hand-crafted and finished using natural, sustainably grown Pacific timbers and glowing tropical hardwoods..

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