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Our International Award-winning Beach Resort
has become available for full-time residents
to live and experience the peace and beauty
of a long-term, tropical island lifestyle -- 
here in the exquisite, residential-resort area of
Barrier Beach, in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu
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Welcome to the Dining Terrace
Welcome to the Tropical Guest House
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Relax, restore, enjoy!
Ready for Play ... in the blue sea
Happy Day at the Beach
Lovely colors ~
Enjoy, time for Romance ~
Miracle Tree
Sunrise Island - Espiritu Santo
Another golden Sunrise
Lets go!
Activities - snorkel, kayak, SUP
Frangipani Beach Cabana
Frangipani Beach Cabana, evening
Sunrise Island, Espiritu Santo
Special times with a friend ...
Morning departure, on the water
Golden morning, new beginnings
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An intimate and tranquil island setting,

a very special place to live and relax,

enjoying the abundant gifts of nature

that abound here at this stunning

and romantic beach location.

 The Accommodation

Photo Credit:  Anders McDonald

Centrally located and nestled right on the most scenic and sheltered beach frontage, with crystal blue waters, colorful living coral reefs...

Award-winning Architecture, the Sunrise Beach Cabanas are authentic  Island-Style designs, beautifully hand-crafted and finished using natural, sustainably grown Pacific timbers and glowing tropical hardwoods..

Your Comfort --

Built like a fine yacht, entering into the private Beach Cabanas is like stepping inside a woodcrafter's work of art, with exquisite handwork finishing, to surround you with care, in every detail.  They are specially designed for the tropics, using natural Pacific materials with an attentive focus on sustainable living practices and furniture-quality beauty and comfort throughout.

With plenty of large glass picture windows, open-beam ceilings and roof-top cupolas for added air flow and light, they are fully screened and include soft and supportive pillow-top beds, delightful linens and comfortable, contemporary Pacific island furnishings. 

Here are The Beach Cabanas:

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