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Island Residence

Coming for 2023 ... 

Your Comfort:

- Authentic, natural Pacific islands contemporary furnishings

- Queen-size, Orthopedic pillow-top sleep mattress 

- Soft, luxury designer towels and linens

Elements of Lifestyle... 

- High-speed satellite internet 

- Separate kitchen and bathroom from the central living / bedroom area.  

- Fresh-air exchange system, fresh breezes with

         ceiling fan and portable floor and room fans

- Energy-wise Air Conditioner, if additional cooling desired

- Unlimited, on-demand gas-heated hot water

For your Convenience:

- Free Parking onsite

- Easy access for bus/transport to and from Luganville town, nearby Restaurants and/or scenic island locations

- Onsite Laundry facilities

- Beach Resort Dining and Cocktail Bar, right next door, available daily.


Accommodates 1-2 Adults

Not equipped for children or pets.

Long-Term Rental Arrangement: 

Inquire for Long-Term Availability

Minimum 12-week rental stay

High-speed satellite internet  

Tenant pays own utilities and wifi service

Island Residence
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