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The Tiare 

Private Queen

Beach Cabana

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Sheltered privacy on the beach, looking out to the clear waters, coral reefs and more ... 


Location:   On the sandy beach,     The Tiare is set amidst beautiful giant ancient Tamanu trees, with large picture-glass windows offering both privacy and enjoyment of the beach and ocean views.


A beautiful private Beach Cabana with charming construction and elegant appointments throughout.  

Room Appointments and Service Inclusions:


- Spacious and airy beach-front accommodation with lovely privacy

- Luxurious and fragrant tropical timber interiors, exteriors and finishes

- Hand-crafted walls, open-beam ceilings, ceramic tile floors and covered decking 

- Large glass picture windows, fully screened, with privacy blinds

- On the beach with island and ocean view

Your Comfort:

- Authentic, natural Pacific islands contemporary furnishings

- Queen-size, 'Deep Comfort' sleep mattress (by Royal Orthopedic)

- Soft, luxury designer towels and linens

- Indoor and outdoor showers

- Attached private kitchen for in-home cooking convenience

- Indoor and outdoor covered and private sitting/dining areas

Elements of Lifestyle... 

- High-speed Satellite internet

- Desk/table inside the room 

- Flat-screen TV with complimentary movie selections

- In-room lockable safe for any valuables

- Fresh-air exchange system, fresh onshore sea breezes with

      ceiling fans and portable floor and room fans

- Energy-wise Air Conditioner, additional cooling as desired

- Unlimited, on-demand gas-heated hot water


Accommodates 1-2 Adults

Not equipped for children or pets.

Room Rate

to be announced, contact us for holiday inquiry 

The Tiare
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