Dining ...


Each of the island homes and beach cabanas include their own kitchens, cooking and dining areas.

At-Home Dining Deliveries:

Local Catering Menu -- In addition to cooking at home, many of the area residents enjoy dining in, with fresh and affordable meals prepared and delivered right to our doorsteps, in the late afternoons. 

Convenient at-home dining delivery service (or take-away pickup) is available from the Natanara Kitchen, located very nearby, up the road from us.


More Options for

  Dining Out ...

   In Luganville town -- 

Right Next Door,

   and Close-to-Home,

     East Coast Restaurants, 

         Dining Out

Several wonderful restaurants are nearby, including right next door - here on the beachfront:


   at the 

   Barrier Beach Resort

Our property is located just next door/ adjacent to the Waves, elegant Ocean-front dining - Restaurant and Bar - at the Barrier Beach Resort.  Just walk out your door, follow a footpath or stroll on the sandy beach, and this lovely restaurant is right there.


Breakfast, lunches

and dinners,

full cocktail bar,

open 7 days/nights

per week.

Nearby...  Just up the East Coast road are two more wonderful, local favorite "dining out" spots:

The Black Pearl --

Ocean-front dining and bar, includes a kava bar, pizza ovens, live entertainment, beautiful location and delicious food, just within 2 km's of home.


BP Restaurant.jpg

The Tu - at the Espiritu --

In the center of town, excellent food - in covered dining areas poolside!  Breakfasts, lunches, dinners and cocktails. 

A favorite gathering spot for evening sports events, if you want to catch your favorite game with some more fans, from here and abroad!

Natangora Cafe --  

Lunchtime favorite daytime dining spot for coffees, sushi and Japanese -- in addition to a large menu selection of burgers, chicken, fish, bakery - The longest run cafe in Luganville!

Deco Stop Lodge --

Atop the hill above Luganville, with an expansive view out over the sea, another long-time local favorite restaurant at DecoStop - and their Narcosis cocktail bar!

Attar Cafe --

Another long-time local favorite coffee shop, for breakfasts, lunches, fresh juices and casual dining convenience when in town for your shopping, errands, or to have a daytime stopover with friends.

Luganvilla --

Upstairs with a view - Chinese dining in a spacious environment. 

Turtle Bay Lodge/Restaurant --

Another beautiful, water-front dining and cocktail bar experience:  set in a lovely waterfront location, wonderful menu, friendly service, gift shop featuring local products and handicrafts. 


Just a few minutes' drive up the road from home.

Turtle Bay.jpg

More Dining Options

There is Thai food in town, Indian cuisine ... and will be more, additional restaurants opening and re-opening, as Vanuatu re-awakens from its period of rest and slumber - stay tuned!  

Poolside Dining at the Tu, downtown Luganville
Surf and Turf - The Tu
The Tu - Dessert Selections
Turtle Bay Lodge - Dining by the Sea
Black Pearl - Seafood Platter
Breakfast at the Tu (The Espiritu)
Black Pearl Dining - East Coast, near Barrier Beach
Natangora Cafe, downtown Luganville
Attar Cafe - Lunch time
Black Pearl Dining - East Coast, near Barrier Beach
Attar Cafe - Bakery and Lunches
Black Pearl Dining - East Coast, near Barrier Beach
Turtle Bay Lodge - Restaurant
Attar Cafe - Lunch Selections